Alignment from the outermost body or sheath to the inner most is the way we bring our own personal Reality into contact with Universal Reality. ” BKS Iyengar from Light on Life

It is this inner quest for growth and evolution, or “involution,” that is the profound and transformational yogic journey that awaits the seeker after Truth. We begin this involution with what is most tangible, our physical body, and the yogasana practice helps us to understand and learn how to play this magnificent instrument that each of us has been given.” BKS Iyengar from Light on Life

Yoga and meditation taught me to embody my being. Yoga has been the vehicle that has rooted me into my life, and has taught me to be present.


Yoga is a gift that I share with you.

I teach alignment-focused yoga. We use alignment to integrate the body, mind, heart, and spirit. I offer small group yoga and private yoga.

Private Yoga 60 minutes $50

Small Group Yoga 60 minutes $20 per person

Please contact me at to learn more or get started.

Through Beth’s teachings, I have achieved a higher sense of peace and tranquility in my life.  As a chronic pain sufferer, yoga serves as an excellent remedy.  Beth has not only helped me gain better physical balance and flexibility, but also the ability to calm and eliminate my negative psychological stress.  Since beginning two years ago as a neophyte participant, Beth has patiently assisted me to learn, grow, and reap the benefits of the discipline.  I owe Beth more than I can ever pay her and continue to look forward to each and every session.  I would certainly recommend her lessons to anyone of any skill level.  Thank you Beth!”
-Chris L. Yoga Student