My latest blog on what I call the “Perfect Mother Myth.”

We have created an impossible myth, “The Perfect Mother Myth.” The “be it all and do it all perfect mother myth.” While we live out this myth, we can lose track of ourselves as we care for everyone else.

We are mothers. We have careers or not. We are in relationships or not. We all have growing to-do lists. We try to do it all as best as we can and in that quest there comes a point when we fall apart and can’t do anymore.

When we are trying to create a perfect external world around us, we don’t always take the time to pause and check-in with ourselves.  We lose what we want for ourselves. We lose track of what we are passionate about. We put our dreams on hold for our children. We forget about that book we want to write. We forget to eat breakfast because we only got to coffee.

Our imperfections make us perfect mothers. When we show our children our vulnerabilities, our challenges, our weak moments, our exhaustion, and tell them the truth –we become perfect mothers. Our children want us to be present for them and to show up for them. They are not asking us to be perfect.

What I have realized about motherhood is that it teaches you selflessness. You learn that it’s no longer about you. You learn that everything you used to worry about is just stuff. Every year as we grow as mothers we are changed.

Motherhood is constant surrender. A beautiful exploration of letting go, holding on, and unconditional love.

May we remember ourselves and remain grounded in our wholeness.

What do you want to remember about yourself? What do you appreciate about who you are? What do you want to share with your children?