Each feather brings the right message at the right moment.

My journey of finding feathers and creating my business, Sister Hawk, began when I started practicing Reiki. As a devoted Iyengar yoga and meditation practitioner, Reiki awakened in me a gift that I had all along. It created magic in my life as I became more tuned in and connected to my highest self.

I have found feathers on my path at potent moments. While thinking about my grandmothers, friends that have passed, where I am going, or appreciating my life. At moments when I have had an intuitive hit, when I had a feeling of being pregnant, and found two feathers– one small. When my daughter was diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, I found a feather to remind me it would be okay.

There was a time when I lost myself. I lost my vision. I was not living a life that was guided by my highest self. I was sick of being sick and unhappy. I got divorced, and found myself in a life that suddenly turned messy.

I had to release myself from that life and begin a new one. I had to go to a bigger place where I could soar, where the sky was vast and endless, where I could see, where I could let go and start over.

I found myself in the high desert with a poem in my heart and spirit.

Sister Hawk became a message to set myself free and create possibilities again. A reminder to be inspired by life, and make choices that are in alignment with my highest self, and the vision I hold for myself.

Sister Hawk is about having the courage, grace, and wisdom to take a leap toward the life I want.

Every feather I found carries a story of wisdom and truth.

I have kept my sacred feathers that continually remind me to step into grace, power, and possibility.

Sister Hawk is about the insightful direction that transforms your life, and nurtures you to make choices in alignment with your highest self.

Sister Hawk is about finding the right path towards your dreams and making your vision a reality with grounded action.


I provide coaching that is transformative, nurturing, and grounded in vision.

I offer you insightful direction, giving you the right message at the right moment for your own evolution. I can tell you like it is with a heart full of love, compassion, and grace.

Sister Hawk Living integrates my experiences as a co-active coach, educator, business owner, yoga teacher, Reiki Master, health coach, event planner, and working mother.

I also run my husband’s integrative medical practice, own my own business, can coordinate a fabulous event for thousands of people, and educate children who were told that they weren’t able to read and write. I come from a lineage of astrophysicists, nuns, priests, and a saint. I am a bit of a rebel and don’t like boxes. I suppose that you don’t either and that’s why you are here.

You, like me, create a life that inspires you. Life is the greatest teacher you will ever have showing you brilliant challenges to expand your growth and transcend your own stuck patterns.

I work with executives, healing professionals, business owners, and women who want to create a meaningful, aligned, and seriously inspiring life.